Monday, June 9, 2014



 I hope you will enjoy this blog and the updates of my time during the 2014 Merit Award in Carrara, Italy. Undoubtedly I will enjoy the experience far more :) I will be treating this blog more like a journal with photos (kind of). For me this is better because it relieves me of the pressure of pleasing an audience. With that said, I think the first thing I want to do is introduce the family. After a few days of introductions I'll get on with the activities and work progress etc.

Leonardo Corsanini (The Boss)– More will be said about Leo in later posts. For now it is sufficient to say that he has one of the best hearts of anyone.

 Corsanini Studio



lskdjfla;ksdjfSteve Shaheen– I met Steve at a stone carving workshop offered @ The New York Academy of Art and within the first few moments of our meeting I expected that learning from him would be a great experience. Thus far that holds true.   
 Pretty much Steve never stops working. Even if it means postponing other important things till the work is finished. When he's not working he's still working... In short, he likely works harder and longer than you do and with a better attitude. Not enough good can be said about Steve.


    Steve strapping my stone for cutting.

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